Thursday, September 12, 2013


Choices ....
How wild are the, yet how wonderful. How miraculous is that we can choose, the way we choose, what we choose, how we choose.     I choose to write now even though nothing comes to mind, let alone for the fact that no one even cares what I choose to write. I still write. What I write adds up in paragraphs, posts.... eventually in to a small blog. There are rules on how to write. But I can choose to ignore them or not. One day in the past I chose to start this blog and chose to watch what it might become. Even if it might not become anything, but just another blog among millions.
       I never thought I need to watch how my life would be when I chose you. I chose you because I only had eyes for you. I chose you, choosing to ignore whether I would be happy or sad at the end. Well It is not end yet..... rather a new beginning........But I am happy that you chose to be the happiness of my life. I am happy that we chose this life together, walked this path together. I am happy that the choices was instantaneous and we never sought to over think them.

"We never sought to over think them"

        Choices can be made with lot of thinking or none at all. Mine had  always been with none of  the thinking. In other words, I chose to take chances. Looking back, I like some better than others. To be honest some choices led me to trying times, and I had been gloomy and miserable all the time. I thought I must be the most unlucky, cursed soul of all.... and there is no escape. Then at some point later, I had the opportunity of choosing again. All the suffering times always felt really long and when happiness did come, I felt like it went away faster than it should be. Then came the time to choose again.
                 Today, standing where I am and looking back, I do wonder ...... what if the choices had been different? Did they really made any significant difference? Then I can't help but see they never stopped me from being me. They never stopped giving me a life I am happy about.No matter how or what way I chose .. I had been and am a happy person. If I had to do it all over again I might make the same choices without loosing my sleep over them.
It isn't the winter always... summers do come, springs too come... if the sky had been grey it would be blue again and flowers will bloom. There will be sunshine......

And I think What more do I want from life, than to live my life making choices and knowing that there will be another summer. ......if it had been the Winter yesterday.